What is Timezok

Timezok is a cloud-based meeting-analytics platform that helps customers optimize their daily schedule.

Why should I use Timezok

You should use Timezok if you want to understand and optimize the number and the quality of your meetings. As modern professionals that are working in technological environments, the time we spend on meetings is increased over time and we need to understand how can we optimize it. Timezok is a nice way of understanding how and with whom you do most of your meetings.

What is Personal Report

Personal report is a report of your meetings activity. We generate these reports by getting read access to details of your calendar. You can modify the time period of the reports that you see, by changing the number of days.

What is Industry Report

Industry report is a report that contains aggregated and anonymized data of professionals that are using the service and have similar user profile attributes like you. You can change your attributes from your profile page.

What is Team Report

Team report is a report that includes meetings activity of the emails you provide as your team. You can check specific details of your team team members calendars and you can add and delete team members from Team page.