Terms of Use

The use of the Website and Application, the services offered thereunder, and the Material shall be subject to these Terms of Use as in force from time to time, that form the agreement between the Company and any person visiting the Website and Application in connection to their use. Accessing in any way the Website and Application and their use (including the mere browsing) declares the User unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Use, as these are in force at all times. If the User registers at the timezok website or Application, we may use their contact details to send newsletters, in accordance with the Law 4624/2019, the Law 2774/1999, the decisions and guidelines of the Data Protection Authority and the General Data Protection Regulation - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the EU Parliament (GDPR).

The Website and Application, under the terms and conditions included herein and all applicable laws and regulations, shall grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, and limited right to access and use this website, the application, and their data. This right shall not be a transfer of title or right over the website, the application, and their data and shall be subject to the following limitations: (1) you should retain in all copies of the website, the application and their data, all the notes concerning the copyright and the other ownership rights and (2) you shall not change the website, the application and their data under no circumstances or reproduce and publicly present them or distribute or under any other means use the website, the application and their data or logo for a public or commercial purpose, save in case otherwise provided hereunder.

Use of the Website/Application by minors

By accepting these Terms of Use, the User expressly declares that he/she is an adult over the age of 18 years and has read, understood, and accepted in full the Terms of Use.

Account creation at the Website/Application

In order to generate your personal reports you will need to sign up and grand read access to your account. When you sign up for a Timezok account, we will ask you to provide your personal information, including a valid email address.

You are required to provide information for the accurate processing of your reports, including read access to your calendar and your contact details.

You can delete your account through your profile in our Website or Application. We may restrict, suspend or terminate a Timezok account and/or use of the services, if we reasonably believe that:

Personal Data Protection

Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience through our services, based on trust, transparency, and honesty. When you visit our Website and Application, register, or check your reports, we collect, use, process, and share the absolutely necessary personal data of yours in accordance with these Terms and our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy to get informed on the processes concerning personal data protection.

Limitation of Liability

Timezok, shall not be responsible, under any circumstances for any of the consequential, incidental, indirect, special damages or expenses or financial penalties, including information or data loss and any third party claims arising out of or in connection to the use, copy, presentation of the website and its content or any other connected website, regardless whether the Company was notified, aware or should be aware of this possibility.

Information Change, Amendment or Deletion

The Company shall allow the Users to correct, amend, supplement, or erase data and information they provided to Timezok. Should you choose to erase your information, Timezokshall act in such a way to erase this from its records immediately. For the User protection and security, Timezok shall reassure that the person requesting the changes is actually the same person as the User. To gain access, to change or erase your personal data, to report problems as regards the website functioning or to make any question, contact the Company through timezok.gr or through email at hey@timezok.gr. A change or correction of your data may be made through your profile page at Timezok. We ask that you take into consideration that we will do anything possible in order to protect your personal data, but the protection of your password for our website depends on you. For more information as to the protection of your personal data we kindly ask that you read our Privacy Policy.

Amendments to the Terms of Use

Timezok reserves the right to change or amend the applicable terms of use concerning the use of the Website and the Application at any time. Such changes, amendments, additions, or deletions to the terms of use shall be immediately effective upon posting. You agree to the new Terms by continued use of the services. The Company may at any time terminate, change, suspend, or stop any specific service of the Website and Application, including the availability, display or description of any product or service.

The use of the Website and Application is subject to the Terms of Use in force at the time services offered by the Company are used.

Periodic revision

Timezok is constantly expanding, updating, and improving its Website and Application, as well as the relevant products and services and constantly updates these terms of use. We recommend that you read these terms of use regularly, in order to be updated as to any changes thereof. The terms of use may change without a warning or notification to the User.